Keep up your dreams! flip your life!
— Founder Johnny Ku


Johnny Ku, the founder of FLIPPOS, who was originally working in the construction industry, regained his dream when he got stuck and was deeply depressed in 2016. He built up the ‘FLIPPOS hosiery’ resolutely, while textile industry was a completely different field. After two years of product developments, he opened the door of dream on ‘Zeczec Crowdfunding Platform’ and set the record of the highest fundraising amount on the current item.


In order to improve the fatigue problem of modern human-beings, FLIPPOS inserts the idea of ‘compression on sports knee highs’ into practice in daily lives and presents the original stories in forms of paintings on the hosiery craftsmanship. While the market of fashion already has so many similar styles, the brand establishes unique characteristics upon the others; it consists both the advantages of ‘cultural literacy and trendy appearance’ and won the title of ‘the walking art’.

Original Design

FLIPPOS always gets out of the box of the product itself and is able to redefine it, which offers the product a new definition. Each different original story is implied under the outstanding appearance of each pair of hosiery, such as ‘The beauty and sorrow of Hong-Ye Little League Baseball’ , ‘The racial issues of North American Indian Wars’, ‘The preservation of Maori culture of the aborigines upon New Zealand’, ‘Global warming and whale stranding’, or ‘The emotions of a guy from the countryside who can’t help but had to work in a big city’ and so on.

As Johnny has mentioned: “Rock musicians convey messages with music, while FLIPPOS expresses stories in images to convey values of our lives.”
— Founder Johnny Ku

FLIPPOS breaks the stereotype upon that Taiwan could only be No. 1 in OEM field, whereas the hosiery shine on worldwide with creativity and connotation upon the stage globally.

FLIPPOS Timeline


June 2017 FLIPPOS Launched

Commence the research on the combination of functions and daily lives on hosiery.


December 2018 Crowdfunding in Taiwan

FLIPPOS debuted in Taiwan and set the record of the highest fundraising amount on the Zeczec crowdfunding platform on the current item.


March 2019 Online Shop

FLIPPOS launched its online store officially and sells a full range of products and could be shipped worldwide.


May 2019 Collaborations

FLIPPOS collaborated with Taipei Film Festival and promoted a limited-edition hosiery.


December 2019 Exhibitions

The products of FLIPPOS were exhibited and sold at The Word-wave Festival, Marathon Expo in Taipei, Formosa Day Camping, Pedal Flea Market and Triathlon Market.


January 2020 Charity Sale

All the income was donated to Australian Wildlife Rescue from FLIPPOS charity sales.


February 2020 Ambassador

FLIPPOS Newest Commercial Endorser- Keanna (KT)


August 2020 Retailers

More than 20 physical distributions and e-store channels around the world.