Size Chart
To pick the most suitable size, please refer to the table and image below. (all units in the table are in centimeters)
  1. Sock Width
  2. Calf Circumference
  3. Sock Length
  4. Foot Length
  5. Flip Length
If you are still have issue with the Size, please feel free to contact us. All values in the table are approximate. The compression and elasticity will be a little different cause by the sock patterns. If your calf circumference is wider, we recommand you to get the one size bigger sock which will be more comfortable and suitable for you.
Sock Size S M L
M | L
USA(MAN) 4 ~ 7 7 ~ 10 10.5 ~ 13
USA(WOMEN) 5 ~ 8 8 ~ 11 11.5 ~14
1Sock Width (cm) 10.5 11.5
2Calf Circumference (cm) 34 ~ 36 37 ~ 40 40 ~ 43
3Sock Length (cm) 31 32 34
4Foot Length (cm) 22 ~ 26 25 ~ 27 27.5 ~ 31
5Flip Length (cm) 8
Sock Size S
USA(MAN) 4 ~ 7
USA(WOMEN) 5 ~ 8
1Sock Width (cm) 10.5
2Calf Circumference (cm) 34 ~ 36
3Sock Length (cm) 31
4Foot Length (cm) 22 ~ 26
5Flip Length (cm) 8
Sock Size M
USA(MAN) 7 ~ 10
USA(WOMEN) 8 ~ 11
1Sock Width (cm) 11.5
2Calf Circumference (cm) 37 ~ 40
3Sock Length (cm) 32
4Foot Length (cm) 25 ~ 27
5Flip Length (cm) 8
Sock Size L
USA(MAN) 10.5 ~ 13
USA(WOMEN) 11.5 ~ 14
1Sock Width (cm) 11.5
2Calf Circumference (cm) 40 ~ 43
3Sock Length (cm) 34
4Foot Length (cm) 27.5 ~ 31
5Flip Length (cm) 8
Sock Size M | L
USA(MAN) 7 ~ 13
USA(WOMEN) 8 ~ 14
1Sock Width (cm) 11.5
2Calf Circumference (cm) 37 ~ 43
3Sock Length (cm) 34
4Foot Length (cm) 25 ~ 31
5Flip Length (cm) 8


The original idea of FLIPPOS hosiery is to create a pair of compression stocking fulfilling functions in every way. You could wear it to the office and exercise after work as well. Simply with ONE SAME pair of stocking.
Considering that most people either sit or stand for a long time for work in which cause the fatigue condition upon feet and calf, we develop our hosiery to apply ‘graduated compression’ from the sole of the foot to calf to improve this situation.
Additionally, wearing FLIPPOS during exercise could reduce muscle vibration effectively, produce greater strength, and improve the speed of fatigue recovery after exercising.
Flip the length, flip the attitude
In order to cater for any occasion and any outfit, FLIPPOS creates the first compression hosiery that can be folded. You could wear it knee-high or fold it to the calf. The item can be transformed into socks within seconds.
Length BEFORE flipping: Knee-High
Length AFTER flipping: 18cm above ankle
Application Ranges of FLIPPOS
Daily wear, before and after exercise (running, cycling, skateboarding, mountain-climbing, physical training, etc.), traveling, taking long-distance flights, or improving problems before and after pregnancy.
Major Functions of FLIPPOS
This is pair of functional compression hosiery.
Keep your feet off the muggy condition in summer and keep them warm in winter too.
Original designs, from knee high to sock within seconds.
Relieve the discomfort from sitting or standing for a long time.
Proudly made in Taiwan.
Tech yarn, similar to the feeling of Egyptian cotton.
Relieve daily stress.
Fix calf muscles in place to increase exercise strength.
Increase the speed of recovery after exercise.
Quick moisture wicking function. Keep your socks dry all day long.
Silver fiber - anti-bacterial, it won’t cause odor even after wearing it for 3 days.
Washable, durable, with outstanding elasticity.
The compression levels of FLIPPOS products are within 15-25mmHG, which is within the common daily usage grade. FLIPPOS is NOT a medical product, therefore a medical certification is not required.
The Touch Of Similar To Egyptian Cotton & Silver Fiber
The main material of the hosiery is tech nylon mixed with lycra yarn. In addition to that this material is four times more expensive than ordinary combed cotton, the main functions are quick moisture wicking and the touch of similar to Egyptian cotton. On top of that, silver fiber deodorizing technology has been added to the sole of stocking. The effect will NOT be reduced due to either the number of times being washed or however long the products has been bought.
  • 85% Tech Nylon
  • 7% Lycra
  • 4% Cotton
  • 2% Spandex
  • 2% Silver Fiber silver ion/ deodorization
  • Common Problems With Socks
  • The sagging issues
    Socks fall down easily due to the following reasons
    1. Mostly made of cotton.
    2. The quality of spandex is likely to be poor.
    3. Storage method.
    4. Laundry and drying method.
  • Dull Design
    If the patterns on hosiery is too complicated, it causes uneven thickness of the stocking and unstable compression levels easily. Therefore, most of the compression hosieries on the market use boring and simple designs.
  • Lint balls
    The socks on the market are mostly made of pure cotton. It encounters linting problems on the sole of the socks after rubbing and washing.
  • Worn out
    Poor quality of socks and incorrect walking posture can easily cause your socks worn out.
  • Without Seamless Garment technology
    There is an opening at the joint between the toe and the instep of a sock after it’s being knitted. The joint has to be knitted together before being worn.
    This knitting action is called ‘Seamless garment technology’. Press and check out the thickness of the sock after knitting. The smoother the sock is, the more comfortable you’ll feel when you wear it.
  • The Biggest Differences Of FLIPPOS & Common Socks
    FLIPPOS Socks General well-known socks General compression hosiery
    FEATURES ・Original trendy design ・Diverse patterns ・Dull patterns with
    ・3D knitting technology ・Lint balls occur easily ・The compression pressure is high therefore can’t be worn for a long time
    ・Change length in a sec ・Bacteria multiplication and odor problem ・Mostly knee-high with fixed length
    ・Multifunctional usage ・Fade of colors ・Inconvenient to wear in daily lives to go with other garments
    ・Utilizing seamless garment technology ・Short Product Life Cycle ・Inconvenient to put on and take off
    ・Unique maze moisture / Heat wicking method ・Easy to wear out (Not Durable) ・Easy to wear out (Not Durable)
    ・ilver ion with antibacterial and anti-odor function ・Sagging problem ・Too costly
    ・Coloration assessment done ・Too costly  
    ・360° coverage around arches of the foot    
    ・MIT (Made in Taiwan)    
    ・Reflective Warning    
    ・Breathable and Quick-Drying    
    Compression Pressure Test Graduated Compression Value 15 ~ 25 mmHg
    (Suitable for both exercising and daily use)
    No special compression 20~40mmHg
    (The compression value is too high, only suitable for exercising)
    FLIPPOS Socks
    FEATURES ・Original trendy design
    ・3D knitting technology
    ・Change length in a sec
    ・Multifunctional usage
    ・Utilizing seamless garment technology
    ・Unique maze moisture / Heat wicking method
    ・Silver ion with antibacterial and anti-odor function
    ・Coloration assessment done
    ・360° coverage around arches of the foot
    ・MIT (Made in Taiwan)
    ・Reflective Warning
    ・Breathable and Quick-Drying
    COMPRESSION PRESSURE TEST Graduated Compression Value 15 ~ 25 mmHg
    (Suitable for both exercising and daily use)
    General well-known socks
    FEATURES ・Diverse patterns
    ・Lint balls occur easily
    ・Bacteria multiplication and odor problem
    ・Fade of colors
    ・Short Product Life Cycle
    ・Easy to wear out (Not Durable)
    ・Sagging problem
    ・Too costly
    COMPRESSION PRESSURE TEST No special compression
    General compression hosiery
    FEATURES ・Dull patterns with
    ・The compression pressure is high therefore can’t be worn for a long time
    ・Mostly knee-high with fixed length
    ・Inconvenient to wear in daily lives to go with other garments
    ・Inconvenient to put on and take off
    ・Easy to wear out (Not Durable)
    ・Too costly
    (The compression value is too high, only suitable for exercising)
    FLIPPOS Hosiery – Functions Overview
    Taiwan's original design, FLIPPOS with Taiwan's outstanding manufacturers together creates socks that can stand on the world stage.
    Unique 3D Knitting Technology
    Hosiery is no longer single-sided.
    The sense of 3D, design, and breathability are comprehensively boosted.
    Fold-Down Design
    Fold it from the knee to the calf.
    Each product has its unique interior design after folding.
    Refresh the stocking with a new outlook.
    Graduated Compression
    15-23mmHg graduated compression.
    Boost the blood reflux and endurance.
    Extensive Mesh Vent
    Quickly and massively wicks moisture and heat.
    The hosiery won’t be stuffy even in the humid, hot weather like Taiwan.
    Exclusive Maze Knitting Technique
    Provide the functions of cushion for buffer, and on heat and moisture wicking.
    High-Performance Silver Fiber
    The eternal effect of anti-bacterial and anti-odor
    360° coverage around arches of the foot
    Enhance the arch support.
    Relieve the fatigue from exercising.
    Seamless Manual Mesh Technique
    Reduce exercising and walking rub injuries.
    It is also more comfortable to be worn.
    Blended Yarns Knitting Technique
    Thickened the parts of toe and heel.
    Substantially enhance cushion for buffer and add comfortableness.


    SGS Silver Fiber Antibacterial Test Report
    SGS Deodorization & Deodorization Test Report
    AATCC Color Fastness Test Report
    FLIPPOS Product Liability Insurance
    FLIPPOS Socks Compression Test Report


    Where is the hosiery made from?
    From material to knitting, it is 100% Made In Taiwan (MIT). Reclaim the pride of ‘Stocking Hometown’ Shetou, Changhua.
    What should I do if I found the goods are defective after purchase?
    If any defect was found after the purchase has been completed, please contact the store immediately within 7 days, and a replacement will be processed for you as soon as possible.
    Hosiery is recognized as personal clothing by the Consumer Protection Committee. Please ensure that the product for replacement is clean and intact. No returns will be accepted once the tags are removed, if there are stains or odors, or the product has been soaked or washed.
    Slight unstitched thread ends, the tolerance of specifications within +/- 2-3cm, color differences due to the screen and other conditions belongs to the acceptable ranges upon international inspection or standards won’t be counted as defective.
    Does the hosiery of FLIPPOS contain medical compression?
    The compression levels adopted by FLIPPOS are the graduated compressions of 15-25 mmHg in accordance with EU regulation, which is NOT considered a high-compression medical product.
    I bought two pairs of FLIPPOS stockings. One pair is tighter, while another one is not. Is this normal?
    Since each design is different, the knitting method will also be adjusted accordingly due to the styles, so it is not uncommon that the compression value of each style is slightly different.
    Do the different compression levels still meet to the common compression levels?
    Yes, although the compression levels of each style are slightly different, the compression value are still within the 15-25 mmHg graduated compression levels of EU standard. Therefore, please feel free to wear it and sense the quick bounce freely.
    I feel slightly uncomfortable on the muscles of my calves after wearing FLIPPOS for a whole day. What should I do?
    Due to the differences upon personal physique and leg muscle strength, if you feel uncomfortable while wearing FLIPPOS, please take it off immediately and DO NOT wear it for a long time.
    Is a pregnant woman able to wear compression hosiery?
    Edema is an inevitable reaction, especially during the middle and late stages of pregnancy. Physiological edema becomes worse gradually and occurs commonly in calves, ankles and insteps.
    Many FLIPPOS users have shared the comments that wearing FLIPPOS functional compression hosiery in daily lives could relieve the calf muscles and solve problems related effectively.
    I have washed the hosiery several times, the reflective stickers are about to fall off. What should I do?
    The reflective stickers used in FLIPPOS can be removed after laundry according to personal preference. It is perfectly normal that the edges of stickers might be lifted or that the stickers fall off after repeated laundry or long-term use.
    How are the materials of FLIPPOS different from others? Are there any special features?
    The hosiery is made of nylon and lycra, which consist of functions on perspiration wicking and comfortableness level-up substantially. While cotton has nice skin-friendliness, strong moisture absorption, and acceptance of touch from the majority, there are also several unsolved deficiencies:
    • It is hard to dry out. Once you are sweating, the moisture cannot be removed. The bacteria will be multiplied easily in which causes the odor and losses the function of retaining warmth.
    • Sweat acid will weaken cotton and create yellowing problems.
    • Cotton stockings are comfortable indeed, but if consumers often suffered from sweaty feet, it is suggested that one could choose hosiery made of nylon (easy to be dried out) and lycra.


    • We recommended that the best washing method is hand washing which could extend the use life for the products.
    • FLIPPOS recommend to place the socks into a laundry bag when machine washing. The water temperature should be below 30 °C and use a neutral lotion (pH between 6-8).
    • Please do not use bleach, fluorescent whitening agents, clothing softeners and avoid immersion in functional detergents for too long.
    • If you have any doubts about whether your laundry detergent will cause fading, please wash it separately.
    • Please wash the dark and light colors separately and do not soak and dry clean.
    • Avoid powdery detergent, because if the micro-slits on the socks are blocked, it is equivalent to losing some of the function.
    • Avoid direct sunlight and dryers, for compression functional products, please use a dry in the shade.


    FLIPPOS recommended that you wear FLIPPOS compression socks in the correct way in order to maintain the life of the compression socks.
    1. Fold the sock back to the ankle first
    2. Slip the foot into the compression sock, with the heel aligned with the heel of the sock
    3. Finally, pull the back of the sock directly below the knee