Washing & Care

  • Should do a proper cleaning as soon as possible after used.
  • We recommended that the best washing method is hand washing which could extend the use life for the products.
  • We suggest you to use a laundry bag for machine washing for extend the use life and the quality of the product. Please do not rub the socks tightly when hand washing.
  • FLIPPOS recommend to place the socks into a laundry bag when machine washing. The water temperature should be below 30 °C and use a neutral lotion (pH between 6-8).
  • Please do not use bleach, fluorescent whitening agents, clothing softeners and avoid immersion in functional detergents for too long.
  • Avoid powdery detergent, because if the micro-slits on the socks are blocked, it is equivalent to losing some of the function.。
  • If you have any doubts about whether your laundry detergent will cause fading, please wash it separately.
  • Please wash the dark and light colors separately and do not soak and dry clean.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and dryers.
  • For compression functional products, please use a dry in the shade.
  • In case of high temperature, deformation or shrinkage may occur, so it is not recommended to use high temperature methods such as dryer and hair dryer.